La Chientima, Tuscany

La Chientima was born from a project of mine and my husband Alessandro. United by a passion for quality wine and a love of nature, we built this winery from scratch.
In small steps, from the restoration of a historic but abandoned vineyard, to the replanting of new vines, to the construction of a small but efficient winery, we have seen our dream slowly come true.
Here wine has a history stretching back thousands of years and the name of the winery “La Chientima” encapsulates the link with this history: in actual fact, it is the historical name of the hamlet where we are located.

Acquisto dei terreni

Abbiamo recuperato dall’abbandono una vigna vecchia di 50 anni in cui erano presenti alcune interessanti varietà autoctone. Abbiamo iniziato la produzione del nostro primo vino, Lo Sbiado che prende il suo nome dalla stradina che collega la nostra casa al vigneto, la via di Sbiado.


Impianto di nuovi vigneti

Abbiamo impiantato circa 2,5 ettari di nuovi vigneti. Le varietà coltivate in azienda comprendono alcuni, anche rari, vitigni autoctoni e tutte le attività sono effettuate manualmente.


Novità nell'aria

Dal 2020 abbiamo iniziato anche la produzione del bianco. Abbiamo inoltre iniziato la collaborazione con l’artista locale Beatrice Taccogna, che lavora con noi per la realizzazione di alcune etichette.


La nuova cantina

Hanno inizio i grandi lavori di ristrutturazione per creare una cantina in azienda, con ampi spazi anche per le degustazioni sia all'aperto che in una nuova saletta arredata.


La Chientima 2.0

Inaugurazione della nuova cantina: La Chientima adesso è dotata di tutto il necessario per lavorare e produrre internamente i nostri vini. Finalmente tutto il processo di produzione del vino avviene in casa, dalla fermentazione all'imbottigliamento e etichettatura.

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Quality and respect for nature

Turning grapes into wine is a simple process. Turning grapes into a quality wine is a more difficult process, requiring continuous study, careful oenological practices and constant care and attention.
Our daily work in the vineyard is aimed not only at bringing high quality grapes to the winery, but is also directed at the overall wellbeing of the vineyard as an ecosystem. We manage the land according to organic regulations and with a preference for permanent grass cover and good agronomic practices. Our main objective is to produce wine without compromising the integrity of our environment.

Turning grapes into wine is a simple process. Turning grapes into a quality wine is a difficult process, requiring continuous study, careful oenological practices and constant attention.

All this allows us to achieve our goal by greatly reducing the use of oenological products, culminating in the creation of our latest project: Animatinta, a wine without added sulphites.
The wines you will sample represent us: they are the fruit of constant work, a deep respect for nature,the care and appreciation of each bunch of grapes and each vine variety, and of our desire to communicate our enthusiasm and curiosity to those who drink it!

All the activities of our company, from working in the vineyard to the cellar, from marketing to hospitality, are managed by Alessandro and myself.
Making wine is a complex job, which we have learnt with joy and enthusiasm, supported by the precious help of expert oenologist Simone Interdonato.
La Chientima wines are produced with great care, combining modern wine-making technology (soft pressing, temperature control, etc.) with the use of wooden barrels in various sizes and a long aging process.


An area suited for wine

We are based in an area fittingly located for wine: immersed in the rolling hills of Terricciola, at the gates of a small village of Etruscan origin, on land rich in shells and fossilised marine sediments.
Our winery stretches across an area of about six hectares, three of which are vineyards.
Situated on the top of a sunny hill about 100 metres above sea level, it enjoys a constant breeze and excellent exposure.
The soils are a mixture of sand and clay, low in fine gravel structure but rich in marine sediments. This gives our wines good structure and minerality.
The varieties grown on the estate include some, even rare, indigenous vines: Foglia Tonda, Buonamico, Colombana, Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, and a French semi-aromatic vine, Viognier.
The vines are trained using the guyot system, with low bud intensity.


Wine Tasting Experience

Whether you are on holiday in Tuscany or live in the area, we always look forward to visitors sampling our wines!
We have a beautiful tasting room at your disposal, where we welcome our customers and organise guided tastings, both private and for small groups, up to 12 people. Tastings can be accompanied by a vineyard and cellar tour or other tailor-made activities can be arranged.

Book online or contact us for more information or to book a group wine tasting experience.

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Excellent wine quality! Especially the sulphite-free wine should be tried.


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Excellent reception. More than excellent products. Sensory experience to try.